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    Creative methods allow all students to experience computer access...
  • Adaptive Computer Lab
    Equipment is needed to support children with disabilities...
  • Head Tracking Technology
    Simple moving of the head can control a computer...
Partner:Touch the Future
Date:Mar 13, 2014

Computers can be adapted to enable children with many different types of disabilities to gain independent access to their education. Alternative control devices are individualized for the needs of the each user. Your donated computer can make a difference.

  • Mission Statement

    Touch the Future, Inc. is A LINK to independence and is dedicated to providing affordable computer and AT access and specialized programs and services to individuals who are disabled, seniors, qualified Veterans or from disadvantaged communities. Touch the Future's expertise and services are as affordable as they are vital to successful independence and participation within the community. Services are available to both individuals and groups that match our mission and service criteria. Touch the Future, Inc is a 501-C3 nonprofit organization with locations in Decatur, GA and Anderson, SC serving the SE USA. Services includes: Equipment Demonstration and Loan Library (try-before-you-buy) with over 1,000 AT devices; Expert AT needs assessments, matching & issuing; AT device training; Skilled computer training with AT applications; ReBoot (TM) device and computer refurbishment; Regained Mobility DME reuses services; Complete AT products store and resource expertise; Distribution Network extends reuse services to undeserved southeastern communities; ALINK (Advocacy, Linfelong, Independence, Necessary Knowledge) offers consulting, training, ADA services & more; PAW Center (People Accessing the World) is home of specialized programming for sports & recreation, the arts, leisure and life skills including the Paralympic Sports Club-SC Golden Corner. Touch the Future has a no landfill policy and recycles technology that cannot be reused utilizing EPA & ISO compliant recyclers. Touch the Future's website gives a further description of our services.
  • Project Abstract

    Touch the Future is a regional, nonprofit, collaborative organization committed to computer access for individuals who are disabled, seniors, Veterans or from disadvantaged communities. Through donations to the ReBoot(TM) program, acquires computer equipment and other Assistive Technology equipment. ReBoot evaluates the equipment, makes needed repairs, loads licensed software, and distributes the equipment, thus providing availability and promoting independence for individuals and communities in the southeastern states. Touch the Future promotes independence for individuals with disabilities through the ReBoot(TM) computer reutilization program. ReBoot has a AT ReUse & Recycling Network expanding service abilities in GA, SC, NC and SE USA. We serve people of all ages and disabilities.
  • Target Population

    Touch the Future serves individuals who are disabled, seniors, qualified Veterans and from disadvantaged communities. We serve all ages & all disabilities and other qualified non-profits and educational programs throughout Georgia, South Carolina and the Southeastern United States. We have refurbished over 10,000 computer systems since February 1998 and kept over 200 tons of e-waste out of landfills since October 2007.
  • Contact Information & Map

    Touch The Future, Inc
    Attn: Frank Sapp
    ReBoot (TM) Computer and AT Reuse Program
    1456-A McLendon Drive
    Decatur, GA 30033
    United States

    Phone: (770) 934-8432
    Fax: (770) 934-8433

  • Equipment Needed

    PC Desktop System
    PC Laptop System
    Mac Laptop System
    CDROM Drive
    Pen/Drawing Tablet
    Hard Disk Drive
    Network Interface Card
    Tablet or PDA
    Sound Card
    Video Card
    Miscellaneous Item