Middle Earth

Sponsoring with Youth for Responsible Adulthood Every young person needs a start for their success – someone who makes them feel worthy, someone who believes in them, someone who puts them on the right path. Middle Earth is that support network for youth. Middle Earth steps in and fil
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Student with completion certificate

A+ Tutoring Services

A+ has provided tutoring services to over 2,000 disadvantaged students and has donated over 1,500 refurbished computers to successful graduates.
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Touch the Future

Computers can be adapted to enable children with many different types of disabilities to gain independent access to their education. Alternative control devices are individualized for the needs of the each user. Your donated computer can make a difference.
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Giant Steps School

Children with autism as well as a variety of other neurologically based disorders have made tremendous gains through the use of specialized software designed to run on a standard computer. Portable devices can be used as a communication system, enabling the children to better express
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The Children’s Center for Communication

Computers of all types continue to be a great equalizer in the education, employment and personal lives of people who are hard of hearing or deaf. Computers allow for home-based education when local resources are insufficient to meet the student’s needs. Help connect these children to
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