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Statement Arts

  • Mission Statement

    Statement Arts is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the creative visual & performing arts to underserved and/or low-income individuals. We channel creativity to educate, to enhance intellectual performance, to empower and guide, and to build self-esteem. Statement Arts is committed to giving our students an intercultural and interdisciplinary arts experience to which they do not have access. Statement Arts believes in the power of art to inspire social, cultural, and environmental education to further a legacy of responsible global citizenship. Statement Arts is always in search of laptop donations for the students in our Expanding Horizons College Preparatory Program. Many of our students do not have the resources to secure a laptop, but having access to a laptop is integral to them completing their college applications and furthering their artistic growth. Any equipment donated through the National Cristina Foundation and its partners would ensure the continued success of our students.

  • Project Abstract

    The Expanding Horizons College Preparatory Program uses performing arts education to empower at-promise rising public high school seniors around New York City, thereby making them more prepared to get into college and become leaders in their communities. Expanding Horizons begins with a summer arts intensive. Students receive instruction in acting, singing, dance, and creative writing, culminating in two showcase performances. Expanding Horizons continues to support students through their senior year with continued arts exposure and the resources needed to get into college. In the fall, students attend our free SAT prep class, and are paired with a Morgan Stanley volunteer for one-on-one mentoring to complete their college applications. After spending a summer and senior year of high school in Expanding Horizons, students are often admitted to multiple colleges with substantial scholarships. Expanding Horizons has a 100% success rate in college admissions and matriculation for all high school graduates.

  • Target Population

    The Expanding Horizons College Preparatory Program recruits at-promise rising seniors from New York City public high schools in low-income neighborhoods across four boroughs. We provide a safe and trusting community to youth who are adversely affected by cumulative trauma such as violence, poverty, racism, stigma, addiction, familial incarceration, and housing instability. Each year, the program recruits a new group of 15-20 students who range in age from 16-19, all of whom we would like to provide with laptops.

  • Contact Information & Map

    Statement Arts
    Attn: Liza Politi
    (contact for street address)
    New York, NY 10282
    United States

    Phone: (800) 804-0081

  • Equipment Needed

    PC Laptop System

    Mac Laptop System