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Young Urban Christians & Artists, Inc.

  • Mission Statement

    Young Urban Christians and Artists (YUCA) is 501(C)3 organization whose mission is to strengthen student’s confidence and competency in the arts by exploring their innate artistic gifts through the use of new technologies. We provide a certificate based educational program designed for teenagers and young adults which incorporates traditional graphic design theory with modern computer graphics training.

  • Project Abstract

    Certificate Program Evaluation and Assessment
    Performance based projects are used by instructors to evaluate student progress in the six-month program. Students are admitted on a rolling basis and their admittance date determines their scheduled assignment progression. Three assignments and a final portfolio review are assessed to determine student grades. The portfolio is stressed at each assignment stage to continuously prepare students for the portfolio review and to convey the importance of the portfolio to the employment or art school/university selection process. At each assignment phase, instructors evaluate students on how well they have internalized specific design software applications, as well as their grasp and application of fundamental graphic design concepts. Additionally, assignments are openly critiqued by peers in the class.

  • Target Population

    Many adolescents and young adults (ages ranging from 13 – 21 years old) in the Bronx face desperate social and economic conditions that include poverty and the failure of the urban school system. These youth who are overwhelmingly Black and Latino, live in what is still today one of the poorest counties in the country. Along with low socioeconomic status, the lack of positive motivating factors arising from family, community or school, contribute to the high dropout rates and low entrance into higher education that result in low levels of employment and severely limit the options for youth to embark on productive and fulfilling lives.

    We have 12 -15 youngsters participating and benefiting from this program.

  • Contact Information & Map

    Young Urban Christians & Artists, Inc.
    Attn: William Acevedo
    1272 Ogden Avenue
    Bronx, NY 10452
    United States

    Phone: (917) 631-8989

  • Equipment Needed

    Mac Desktop System

    Mac Laptop System

    Pen/Drawing Tablet

    Flatbed Scanner