Still Serving Veterans

  • Advocacy & Training
    Veterans and their spouses explore available benefits
  • Support & Mentoring
    Veterans prove to be the best supporters to other Veterans
  • Training & Guidance
    Individualized programs are customized for each Veteran served
Partner:Still Serving Veterans
Date:Mar 13, 2014

Veterans helping Veterans is the primary method for our heroes to learn about benefits, services, training, jobs and more. Community based Veteran services organizations need your donated equipment in order to provide these invaluable services. Help these organizations through your donation.

  • Mission Statement

    Still Serving Veterans (SSV) is empowering Veterans, including Wounded Warriors, and their families to transition into post-military careers and communities through outreach and education, assistance obtaining all VA and other earned benefits, training and placement into meaningful new careers, individual advocacy and case management support, community partnerships with Veteran service organizations for quality referrals, and long-term career development and employment placement.

  • Project Abstract

    To optimize post-military career opportunities; provide holistic support services approach to job training, education, career transition, and counseling and referrals to other organizations. Empower Veterans, and their families, to determine long-term career goals; conduct vocational and medical needs assessments and referals to other oganizations; ensure that every Veteran receives the VA benefits to which s/he is entitled.

  • Target Population

    A severely wounded Veteran receives priority of services. Still Serving Veterans serves all veterans from all conflicts: WW2; Korea; GWOT; etc.

  • Contact Information & Map

    Still Serving Veterans
    Attn: Bill Koch
    626 Clinton Avenue W.
    Suite 200
    Huntsville, AL 35801
    United States

    Phone: (256) 883-7054
    Fax: (256) 883-7166

  • Equipment Needed

    PC Laptop System