Corporate Sustainability

Invest in our communities, now and for the future

What is Corporate Sustainability?
Doing what is right for the well being of our planet. It means following business practices that safeguard and reduce negative influences on the environment.

Responsible Reuse of technology prevents waste of valuable resources. By extending a computer’s lifespan, reuse keeps chemicals and other hazardous waste out of our waterways and landfills. It also saves on the consumption of fuel used in the manufacturing process. Responsible Reuse is a smart investment in your communities and to life on the planet. The National Cristina Foundation’s pioneering work promoting responsible technology reuse has helped make a significant difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Responsible Recycling becomes essential when computer technology reaches the end of its useful life. Learn more about responsible recycling and resources near you.

The National Cristina Foundation donation program provides a simple and clearly defined process for your corporation’s and your customers’ outgrown equipment. It connects you to a reliable, simple and cost effective system for managing the donation of your reusable computer and related technologies that you are no longer using and want to dispose of.Yvette Marrin, President, National Cristina Foundation

What can you do?
Add a technology donation option to the re-marketing or scrapping of your used equipment. This can be a practical way to achieve your philanthropic and environmental agendas for equipment that has little return when disposed of in the secondary market.

The National Cristina Foundation donation program connects you and your customers to a reliable, simple and cost effective system for managing the donation of your reusable computer and related technologies.

What are the benefits?
  • Reduces administrative time and expense and makes it possible to reduce or eliminate storage and transfer costs.
  • Enables you to maintain records to support digital reports as well as earn tax deductions.
  • Supports your corporate social responsibility agendas where you have a business presence and makes sense for equipment that is working but has little to no resale/re-marketing value.
  • Greatly impact the work of local non profits and schools. The value of such equipment to people in need is incalculable.

Corporate Feedback

  • We are very proud of our affiliation with the National Cristina Foundation (NCF). Donations of gently used technology make a difference within our communities. Through the Cristina Network, non-profits, schools and public agencies garner access to technology and services traditionally out of their reach. These recipient groups provide education and training to thousands of people... those with disabilities, at-risk students and our wounded veterans, just to name a few. This gives older technology a “second life” and helps narrow the digital divide.
    Deb Sanders, Dell Global Director, Takeback
  • The National Cristina Foundation has been a tremendous, supportive partner for The On It Foundation. Our relationship has opened doors and provided us the opportunity to create mutually beneficial ventures like no other alliance we have. I am honored to be a part of the Cristina family!
    Calvetta Phair, The On It Foundation
  • The people of NCF are dedicated to the proposition that working together, it is possible to make a huge difference in the lives of individuals to say nothing of giving new life to useful equipment. One can only marvel at, be grateful for, and encourage the NCF family and those who are affiliated.
    Vint Cerf, Google, VP & Chief Internet Evangelist
  • The National Cristina Foundation has been a crucial part of Still Serving Veterans’ success; by providing SSV with much needed computers and technology, allowing us to help over 12,000 Veterans since 2006.
    Bill Koch, Still Serving Veterans