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Reuse & Recycling

The National Cristina Foundation was founded to assure that no computer coming out of it first place of use is ever wasted.  Instead, they are reused to make an important difference in people’s lives. Used technology that is still in working condition has immense value to a broad group of organizations who provide service and support to people in need.

diagram of product lifecycle "design, use, reuse, recycle, and material recovery"

Benefits of Reuse:

  • Easy way to dispose of working used equipment
  • Provided as a FREE service to you and the recipient
  • Extends the life of working equipment
  • Extends the economic impact of existing resources
  • Helps the environment by keeping working equipment out of landfills
  • Supports organizations that help people in need


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The EPA’s Plug-In To eCycling program outlines the proper steps for how to donate equipment for reuse. View the full length clip here.


Responsible Recycling

Responsible Recycling of electronic equipment looks at the challenge of proper disposal of computers or other electronic devices as they reach the end of their working life and becomes scrap (e-waste).

Benefits of Responsible Recycling:

  • Keeps solid wastes out of landfills and incinerators
  • Disposes of equipment properly and avoids poisoning people, food, land, air and water
  • Conserves resources through proper disposal and enables the conversion to new products
  • Enables communities to meet local and national mandates
  • Assures that workers dealing with hazardous wastes are properly protected

Making a decision about selecting a recycling company can be a challenge. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not currently have an accreditation program for recyclers.  The Basel Action Network is an advocacy organization working to prevent dumping of toxic waste on the world's poorest countries and residents. Their e-Stewards program ( helps consumers of electronics identify responsible recyclers that manage hazards in electronics domestically within North America where laws and other controls ensure safe and proper recycling.

We recommend that you look for the e-Steward logo to identify a recycling company as a responsible recycler of your electronics.

Find Your Local e-Stewards
The following companies have signed the Electronic Recycler's Pledge of True Stewardship, the most rigorous criteria for sustainable and socially just electronics recycling.


Other Resources

  Questions to consider when choosing a recycling firm

1.     Does your recycler provide evidence of its permitting, including air emission and waste permits, hazardous waste generation registration and regulatory compliance history?
2.     Does your recycler provide evidence that 100% of your electronic assets and components are not being land filled or sent outside Canada or the US for processing?
3.     Does your recycler provide downstream accountability for the ultimate destination of 100% of your hardware?
4.     Does your recycler provide copies of their environment, health, and safety policies and practices including their emergency response plans, employee training plans and records, fire prevention and security plans?
5.     Does your recycler provide proof of insurance, including pollution liability insurance?
6.     Does your recycler provide evidence that they do not use prison labor?
7.     Does your recycler provide you with a certificate of recycling and destruction?
8.     Does your recycler provide evidence of an environmental management system, such as ISO 14000?
9.     Does your recycler provide evidence that suitable management systems are in place to ensure that applicable employee health and safety laws, regulations and standards are enforced?
10. Do YOU audit your recycler to verify that the above is in place and part of daily operations?     

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  e-Waste Recycling Sources

The sources are provided for informational purposes only and we offer no guarantee, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or the completeness of the information presented.

Basel Action Network
Basel Action Network is an information clearinghouse and advocacy organization on the subject of hazardous waste.  Their e-Steward certification has recently been created for recyclers to sign which can provide additional information about the reputability of at least some recycling companies. e-Steward certification, through third party verification, affirms that recycling companies follow specific criteria for disposal that state there is no toxic e-waste dumped in landfills or incinerators, exported to developing countries, or sent to prison labor operations and no release of private data.
Dell's Recycling Programs and Disposition Guidelines
Dell leads the industry by being the first to offer a free worldwide recycling program for consumers. 
Earth 911
Earth 911 is a comprehensive communication medium for the environment. Earth 911 has taken environmental hotlines, web sites and other information sources nationwide, and consolidated them into one network. Once you contact the Earth 911 network, you will find community-specific information on eCycling and much more. You can search by zip code to find a recycler.
Electronics Take-Back Initiative
In addition to various information on electronics take back, the Electronics TakeBack Coalition (led by their partner organization Basel Action Network) has established criteria that a recycler agrees to follow the highest standards in the industry as a responsible recycler -that is- one who has been qualified in the Basel Action Network's e-Steward program (formerly the Pledge of True Stewardship).
Environmental Protection Agency
Website of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the U.S. government.
Hesstech provides responsible recycling electronics lifecycle solutions for used or obsolete technology.
Northeast Recovery Council
Northeast Recovery Council is a consortium of ten Northeastern states who work together to focus on environmentally sustainable materials management. This site links you to a map referencing recyclers in the northeast. 
SIMS Recycling Solutions
SIMS Recycling Solutions provides comprehensives services for electronic recycling domestically and internationally.

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