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Jamie Adams, right, demonstrates a GPS product for the visually impaired to Bernice Klepac and her guide dog Niobe.GPS (Global Positioning Systems) have now been integrated into talking PDAs to allow blind users to receive realtime information regarding travel directions throughout their communities.  This technology was recently tested by a group of individuals from The Lighthouse in Houston, Texas, to navigate throughout their community, even locate and travel to a local Starbuck coffee shop.

From the article:
“This is great,” said Smith, a 35-year-old Houstonian who has been blind since birth and tried the GPS device Thursday for the first time. “Just knowing where I am — being able to get somewhere without asking a lot of people for directions.”

Users noted that the use of this technology will not replace their guidedogs, but add another dimension to travel that works very well with the mobility skills they have developed with the guidedogs.

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Link to this page: Visually impaired on right path with GPS
Originally Published: 01/22/2009 by JENNIFER LATSON at HOUSTON CHRONICLE

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