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From the Dell website: informative article highlights everything you need to know on how to keep your battery going strong for a laptop.  There are the usual things such as; dim your screen, disabling your wireless antenae when not in use; minimizing background processes but this article highlights others as well.  Configuring your computer to turn off when not in use is different from a screen saver, and turning off ports through your device manager.

From the article:
Overloading a battery occurs when you use an AC adapter that has a higher wattage than that specified on the laptop (and battery), or if the circuitry of the laptop consistently overcharges the battery. If you're using a replacement or spare adapter, make sure the wattage matches your laptop's within the specified voltage range. In the worst-case scenario, overloading can also damage your motherboard

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Link to this page: Top Tips to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life
Originally Published: 07/01/2008 by Erik Rhey at PC Magazine

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